Date, venue: 12 - 15 November 2019, Moscow
Event info:
From November 12 to 15, the 25th International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo'2019 took place in Moscow. In its anniversary season, the flagship trade fair again showcased the top-priority approaches to manufacturing of products, equipment, technologies in the steel industry, and presented strategies for the industry development in the short- and long-term perspectives.
A model of the Blast Furnace No. 7 complex at Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Plant was presented at the company's stand. Its general design was done by METPROM. In 2018, the BF-7 complex was recognized as the “Event of the Year in Russian Metals & Mining”, and METPROM was awarded the Metal-Expo's gold medal for introduction of state-of-the-art technologies, which enabled the world's best specific furnace output: 3.7 t/m3 per day.
During the trade show, 5 students of NUST MISIS were awarded a scholarship named after academician E.V. Wegman at the company's stand. It was established by METPROM's management for the best students of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys in honor of Evgeny Wegman, an outstanding scientist and metallurgist, who contributed significantly to the development of metallurgical science and technology.
Andrey Deineko, President of METPROM, Chairman of the Expert Council:
“METPROM is undertaking a number of community projects. Education and training of future engineers is one of the top-priority matters for our company. We, as an employer, want to have enthusiasts in our team, the work quality largely depends on this. We organize opportunities for application and development of future engineers' skills in the largest and most high-profile projects in the industry. This kind of practical training will be the most effective."