Turnkey projects in metallurgy


Severstal Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant

Title:   Design of blast furnace #3 complex

Place:  Cherepovets, Vologda oblast, Russia

Status: Detailed engineering and construction are underway

Startup date:   2020

Blast furnace volume:  3290 m3

Daily output:  7280 t/day

Design capacity:  2.65 MIO t/year

Blast furnace #3 complex includes the following main objects:

  • blast furnace itself, with horizontal copper cooling beds, bell-less top;
  • two casting yards with fully closed runners and shoots, aspiration vents and a hood over tap hole; blast furnace control building;
  • charge-conveying system including: raw material supply tracts, bin trestles for coke and iron-ore material, skip winch;
  • automated systems of top and bottom raw materials charging;
  • air heaters block;
  • technological gas cleaning system;
  • • aspiration system of casting yards and bottom charging.

The blast furnace will have implemented the advanced design solutions, which ensure the furnace specific capacity of 2.5 t/m3 daily. The project will use the modern environmental protection technologies: highly effective aspiration systems, closed water circulation cycle, etc.

«MetProm» GoC specialists perform engineering of the blast furnace complex with technological equipment installation; provide technical consulting; prepare feasibility study; develop design documentation, including support in governmental expert review panels, and detailed documentation; execute designer supervision.

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