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PAO Severstal
Cherepovets Steel Mill
2018 — 2019
Construction of a complex for BOF gas supply to boiler equipment; co-generation plant - blower station (CGP-BS)
  • Design documentation
Composition of work
The design capacity of the BOF Shop is 10.5 mtpa.
It is used for the BOF off-gas recovery system that runs during oxygen blowing at a flow rate of up to 1600 m3/min, off-gas temperature upstream the gas cleaning plant - up to 1000 oC
METPROM was in charge of:
  • replacement of existing flexible couplings in off-gas ducts of BOFs No. 1…3
  • replacement of existing tubular jackets supplied by SMS group;
  • replacement of existing 1st and 2nd stage Venturi tubes with new scrubbers and 2nd stage Venturi tubes supplied by SMS group;
  • connection of new equipment to the existing off-gas duct components;
  • replacement of the existing ID fans in the off-gas duct of BOFs No. 1…3
  • connection of new equipment to existing utility networks;
  • connection of new equipment to power supply networks and automated process control systems;
  • modification of the design of hoods for the BOF secondary dedusting system to interface them with new equipment;
  • arrangement of control panels in the main control room;
  • provision of control signals to ID fans, switch-over stations and BOF gas flare stacks.
  • installation of utility meters on pipelines to new equipment;
  • installation of new hydraulic stations for raising and lowering the skirts and adjusting the 2nd stage Venturi tube gaps.
Facility composition