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NLMK Kaluga
NLMK Kaluga
2018 — 2020
500 thou tpa rebar mill
  • Concept of design
  • Engineering surveys
  • Detail design documentation
Composition of work
Over RUB 30 bn
Investment volume
The rolling shop includes the following main process equipment:
 — equipment at the reheating furnace entry, including: a charging table, a charging roller table with a billet weighing system, a transfer device and a reject roller table;
 — high-speed finishing block;
 — chopping shears for emergency cutting and off-gage bar removal;
 — dividing shears;
 — high-speed delivery system (twin system, including a two-roller bar braking system, rotating channels for bar delivery);
 — cooling bed equipped with run-in and run-out conveyors,
 — cold shears;
 — finishing equipment, including a transfer car, a chain loader,
a bundle forming stacker, a roller table upstream the bundling machines, a wire binding group, a chain-type discharging device;
 — equipment for the bundle forming area, including pinch rolls, a handling system, coilers, a strapping machine, an exit bundle conveyor.
 — reheating walking beam furnace (WBF);
 — equipment at the reheating furnace exit, including: a descaler,
a disappearing table, a welder with a deburrer and a reject pusher, pinch roll and shears;
 — roughing mill consisting of four horizontal stands and four vertical stands;
 — crop shears (No. 1);
 — pre-finishing mill, consisting of four horizontal stands and four vertical stands with a stand quick-change device (an option) and loopers;
 — high-speed head crop shears (No. 2);
 — heat treatment equipment (7 water cooling chambers);
— pinch rolls
Facility composition