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MMPZ Group
Miory Rolling Mill
2016 — 2021
Turnkey construction of a plant with a capacity of 240 thou tpa of electrolytic tinplate and cold flats
  • Engineering of main production lines and infrastructure facilities with arrangement of process equipment;
  • Supply of production technology and equipment;
  • All types of civil and structural works for main production facilities and infrastructure, responsibility for deadlines and construction costs;
  • Staff training and education;
  • Commissioning and startup.
Composition of work
  • Installation of process equipment - 5,000 tons
  • Installation of steel structures - 7,500 tons
  • Construction of reinforced concrete structures - 62,000 m3
  • Excavation - 170,000 m3
  • Ground-surface pipelines (HDP) – 18,000 m
  • Small bore pipelines (<100 mm) – 1,700 m
  • Large bore pipelines (>100 mm) – 10,700 m
Scope of work
Over EUR 350 m
Investment volume
  • Stage 1: construction of a 150 thou tpa plant

  • Stage 2: capacity expansion up to 240 thou tpa of tinplate, black tin, cold flats
The main process equipment of MMPZ includes: a two-stand reversing cold rolling mill, an electrolytic strip cleaning line, batch annealing furnaces, a two-stand skin-pass mill, and an electrolytic tinning line.

In addition to the main production shop, more than 10 new buildings were built on a 40 ha plot. These buildings include a compressor room, hydrogen and nitrogen stations, a WTP building, a power park, a warehouse for oils and lubricants, a main step-down substation, a garage, an effluent treatment plant and a central workshop.
Facility composition