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Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Plant
Revamping of Blast Furnace No. 5
  • Blast furnace volume: 2200 m3
  • Design capacity: over 1.8 mtpa of hot metal
  • Coke consumption: 415 kg/t
  • Top pressure: 0.25 МPa g
  • Oxygen content in the blast: 26%
The revamp project of Blast Furnace No. 5 included the following: a chute-type BLT charging device was installed, as well as copper staves in the most heat-intensive areas; the second casthouse was built; both casthouses were furnished with state-of-the-art equipment for complete capture of dust and off-gas emissions; a new stove unit was installed to provide high blast temperature; the skip hoist loader was upgraded to increase its capacity, the stockhouse was revamped, with provision of sinter fines screening; a dedusting system for the casthouse and stockhouse was installed; a new dust collector was installed and the gas cleaning plant was revamped; a modern automated process control system was deployed; utility networks were reconditioned.

METPROM specialists developed detail design documentation for the main process unit, i.e. the blast furnace proper with a top arrangement, casthouses No. 1 and 2, an skip bridge and a skip hoist loader, a furnace control building, an elevator with a stairwell; METPROM also provided designer supervision services.
Composition of work
  • Blast furnace proper with a top arrangement;
  • Casthouses No. 1 and 2;
  • Skip bridge and skip hoist;
  • Furnace control building;
  • Elevator with a stairwell
Facility composition