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Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Plant
2016 — 2017
General design of 2200 m3 Blast Furnace No.7 complex
The company’s specialists developed the engineering of the main facility and infrastructure with process equipment arrangement; provided technical consulting services; prepared the feasibility study; completed all sections of design documentation, rendered support for the approval process with the state expert review bodies; developed all sections of detail design documentation; provided supervision services.
Composition of work
Over RUB 30 bn
Investment volume
Due to state-of-the-art design solutions, world’s best specific BF output was achieved: 3.7 t/m3 per day.

  • Blast furnace volume 2200 m3
  • Average daily production 7,200 tpd
  • Design capacity 2.5 mtpa of hot metal
Installation of steel structures - 1800 t
Scope of work
The Blast Furnace No. 7 complex designed to produce vanadium-bearing hot metal includes the following main facilities: a blast furnace proper with automated systems for top (BLT charging device) and bottom charging of raw materials, two casthouses with fully covered main troughs and transport runners, a skip hoist, a BF control building; an elevator, a shaftless stove unit; a stockhouse with discharge equipment for coke and sinter fines; gas cleaning plant; dedusting systems for casthouses and bottom charging; handling equipment, power and utilities, PCI system.
Facility composition