Turnkey projects in metallurgy


Progress of the company is determined substantially by well-coordinated work of a team of specialists, which represents a composition of experienced designers and interns. Management of the company pays special attention to interns and offers a job in their team to young people full of energy and ambitious.

Advantages of working with us
  • Professional development under the guidance of experienced specialists.
  • Opportunity to climb career ladder.
  • Opportunity to acquire complementary education.
  • Competitive remuneration and incentive plan.

GC "MetProm" offers the design work for experienced specialists and interns
  • Metallurgical-process engineers for blast-furnace practice, steelmaking and rolling.
  • Building designers and architects.
  • Specialists on designing steel structures.
  • Power engineering specialists (water supply and sewerage, heat-, gas-supply etc.).
  • Electricians (electric power supply, electrical drive).
  • Specialists for designing automated control systems.

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