Turnkey projects in metallurgy

Core activity

Engineering company «MetProm» offers to their clients: investment projects’ management on EPCM model basis (Engineering – Procurement and supply of equipment - Construction – Management of project) in the field of ferrous metallurgy, including all the production practices of:

  • high-purity metal, including production of DRI/HBI with use of various methods and iron in blast furnaces;
  • steel – in EAF and induction furnaces and in BOF;
  • rolled product - long/rails, flat, with coating inclusive, pipes and hardware.

    The main principle of our works is integrated approach: as from substantiation of business concept up to bringing the project to design parameters.

    The main principle of our works is integrated approach: as from substantiation of business concept up to bringing the project to design parameters.

    • Substantiation of business concept

      In the course of substantiation of business concept the specialists of «MetProm» company take into account the whole spectrum of factors potentially affecting its realization, giving to the customer guarantee of effectiveness of investments.

    • Initial data acquisition

      When doing the work on collection of initial data, we rely upon advanced scientific development works, experience and high qualification of specialists; make use of modern equipment for getting exact and reliable information.

    • Making requirements specifications, development of design and engineering documentation

      Using state-of-the-art technologies, we design effective business, oriented on making use of up-to-date experience of leading enterprises of various countries.

    • Supporting the approval and examination of projects

      Professional support of projects allows our clients to be sure that their project will come into life.

    • Preparation of documentation for holding tenders for supply of the main and auxiliary equipment, supply of complete equipment, handing over technologies and «know-how»

      Making use of the new possibilities at the market of equipment suppliers, we try to obtain optimal parameters of combination of price and quality, time periods of manufacturing and terms and conditions of delivery, application of high technologies with use of «know-how».

    • Execution of construction, erection and start-up and adjustment works, building supervision, design supervision

      Our company develops and implements in practice the new technologies in construction, assembly, erection and start-up and adjustment of process equipment of any complexity; pools together capabilities of specialized enterprises having long-term experience. When performing building supervision and design supervision, we take care of our clients and provide for safety of their projects, give guarantee of compliance of the project to the design of highest level.

    • Training and education of personnel, putting the project into operation, warranty operation support

      We organize personnel training; we are always ready to warrant quality of construction of projects built under our control, capacity and effective operation of technology chosen and equipment supplied.

    All the survey, construction and erection works are performed taking into account natural and climatic conditions of the site of construction.

    An assessment is made of the project impact on environment; measures are worked out on minimization of ecological damage due to enterprise operation; a complex of activities is performed for protection of environment.

    GC «MetProm» has an extensive experience in modernization and reconstruction of metallurgical projects; improving their capacity, introduction of the new state-of-the-art technologies, including those saving resources and ecologically mostly safe.

    In its activity GC «MetProm» relies on Russian and foreign enterprises of various profile:

    • design and research and development organizations;
    • leading manufacturers of the main and auxiliary equipment;
    • construction-erection and start-up and adjustment companies.